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VIDEO: Motorist arrested after making a very confusing choice to turn slowly in front of oncoming semi truck


A motorist was arrested for DUI after an accident at an intersection caught on dash cam video. 

“I was coming down the road green light for traffic going straight and red arrow for cars making a left, this guy decided to make a left from the middle lane and continue through the intersection with me basically in front of him…” wrote the video poster. “P.S I was driving under speed limit [sic] by like 5mph.”

As the van tries to recover from the collision, the motorist swings it around in front of yet another semi truck coming in the opposite direction. 

“Big a** green light right there on your screen. I like that he swung around like he was trying to get hit by the second truck for bonus points,” commented one viewer. 

“Looked almost like he (the van) was waiting (or going really slow) at the intersection, and then as the semi got closer he sped up to make an accident,” said another. 

“The guy driving the van was unharmed but he was under the influence, the officer took him in,” the truck driver explained. 

Watch the dash cam video below.

by u/arturopiedra in Truckers

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