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VIDEO: Trucker takes a stand for safety when company won’t do anything about bad steer tire


In this video, a truck driver who refuses to drive any further on a bad tire winds up bringing law enforcement into the equation to advocate for vehicle safety.

TikTok video creator and truck driver GearGrindingHyena recently shared a video documenting a conflict with their trucking company after concerns were raised about the state of the truck’s steer tire.

When the trucking company kept putting off replacing the bad tire, GearGrindingHyena decided that enough was enough and stopped at an Oklahoma weigh station to ask an officer for help.

“Sometimes you have to do the right thing, even if the right thing causes problems for you. Even if the right thing causes you to lose your job,” GearGrindingHyena said.

The video documenting the incident has been viewed more than 211,000 times. Many commenters came out to support GearGrindingHyena for refusing to drive the unsafe truck any further.

“On behalf of everyone who shares the road with you, thank you. Thank you so much,” one commenter said.

“Forget a resume, this video serves as one! Any trucking company should be proud to have such an attentive driver/person working for them,” another pointed out.

Take a look at the video below.

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