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VIDEO: Truckers say they were towed despite permission to park. The tow company says it was all a mistake.


A report from a North Carolina news outlet delves into a semi truck towing incident that occurred in Harrisburg earlier this month that drivers say cost them thousands of dollars in missed deliveries.

Following the Fourth of July weekend, truckers Clarissa Rankin and Yvonne Glenn who parked near an O’Reilly Auto Parts store in Harrisburg, North Carolin — with permission from the manager — came back to find that their semi trucks were nowhere to be found, according to a report from WBTV.

After hours of searching and thousands of dollars in lost revenue, the truckers were able to track down their lost vehicles to XXX Trucking and Towing. The truckers were told it would cost them $6000 to get their trucks back.

XXX reportedly signed a contract with an associate at the O’Reilly store that was not authorized by the store manager and signs were placed July 4.

Once the truckers proved to XXX that they had permission to park, the company released the semi trucks free of charge and called the incident a mistake.

According to the report, the truckers are still exploring legal action against XXX for the lost revenue.

Check out the video below for more.

You can also view the video below to hear Rankin talk about the towing incident. 

@clarissarankin $12,000 Tow 😡😡😡. They tried to get over on us. They illegally towed our trucks. I think they drive them actually. #itstruckerslifebaby #itstruckerslifebabytv #towtruck #towing #charlottenctowing #Illegaltowing #charlotteNC ♬ original sound – ClarissaRankin


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