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Convoy for Schultz sees small but ‘passionate’ turnout 


A truck convoy for Schultz saw a small group of “passionate” truckers show up for the slow roll in honor of the fallen driver. 

The convoy for Schultz took place on Friday, May 10th, on the day of David Schultz’s funeral, near his hometown of Wall Lake, Iowa. 

According to SiouxlandandProud News, the drivers who participated did so in order to pay respect to Schultz and his family, and to remind officials that many are not satisfied with the results of their investigation into the trucker’s death. 

“It’s just about, you know coming together on important things and all the circumstances around David’s case. I mean, the man deserves a proper sendoff,” said Mitchel Riesgraf, of Iowa CDL Drivers Unlimited. “We don’t even know how he passed away so tragically and all the repercussions for his family. You know our hearts go out to him.”

“He was a good friend of mine,” said Larry Wilkerson, a trucker from Odeboldt. “I’ve known Dave for probably, 8 to 9 years, talked over the radio a few times. He’s a real nice guy. I enjoyed talking to him. I wanted to pay respect to him and the family out here.”

“They say there’s no foul play, but everybody else that looks into this case knows otherwise,” said Riesgraf. “Who’s responsible? What’s responsible? We just want to know. We’re trying to help figure out what happened to our brother on the highway.”

“Message to the public is, just watch what you’re doing out there. Don’t stop for anybody that you don’t know or if you don’t have lights on them,” said Wilkerson “Make sure you get to a well-lit area. If it’s a cop, make sure you get to a well-lit area so that way you know you can see what’s going on.”

Four bobtail semi trucks and a pickup truck converged at the starting point of the convoy for Schultz, with several others joining along the Highway 20 Route from 3 p.m. until 8 p.m. Reporters called the group “not large” but “passionate.” At one point, Schultz’s truck was brought along, and the group was able to take pictures with it.

“We are waiting until we receive the full autopsy report before we release any additional information,” said Sac County Sheriff, Ken McClure, of the incident.


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