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Theories surrounding Schultz’s death are “literally the most toxic thing”


Family and friends of David Schultz say that the perpetuating theories surrounding Schultz’s death are “literally the most toxic thing” about dealing with his death. 

After Schultz’s body was found on April 24th, both his wife and onlookers say that they “don’t feel comfortable with the results of the initial autopsy,” that determined no foul play was involved in his death. Now, with the funeral scheduled for Friday, May 10th, his family says that they are moving forward with a second opinion on the autopsy. 

The body will be buried on Friday, and a second autopsy will be performed by reviewing the results of the first autopsy, reported The Gazette.

“Originally I thought that they would need the remains to do (the second autopsy),” said Jake Rowley, a leader in the search for Schultz and a current spokesman for his family. Rowley says that the family has not chosen a forensic pathologist, but will use “whichever one’s willing to do it pro bono.”

As the family works to get a second opinion, Rowley says that they are growing tired of online theories about Schultz’s death, even though the family is suspicious themselves. 

“There’s even been people accusing me of killing David,” Rowley said, noting that he did not get involved until the third day after the disappearance. “I’m like, ‘C’mon, dude.’ All I did was come out and search for him — it’s just nuts. They’ve got a whole Facebook group that is literally the most toxic thing anybody’s ever seen.”

Back in March, a reward of $28,400 was established for whoever helped to find Schultz. As of May 7th, no one, including the farmer who reported the body in his field, has inquired about the money. 

“That’s not an issue that’s come up,” said Sac County Attorney Ben Smith.


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