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“Mental health emergency” prompts trucker’s call to 911


A truck driver’s “mental health emergency” caused him to call 911 to report a bizarre situation involving a nonexistent phone in Indiana on Monday. 

The incident occurred on May 20th in Boone County, Indiana on South State Road 75. 

According to WIBC, the unnamed truck driver from Matoon, Illinois contacted 911 after allegedly being flagged down by two people outside of a home on South State Road 75. The driver told police he pulled over and spoke to the two people, who asked to use his phone. After using his phone, the people reportedly refused to return it, and then began rifling through the cab of a truck on the property. The driver said he eventually lost sight of the people. 

When officers arrived at the scene, they “asked what the [stolen] phone looked like, he advised that it looked just like the personal phone that he had to call this in to dispatch. We asked for the phone number on it so we that we could ping the phone’s location and that phone number did not come back to anything,” stated  Detective Morganne Carpenter with the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers were unable to locate the two people and soon determined that the situation was fabricated by the driver who was likely experiencing a “mental health emergency.” Officers then contacted the trucking company, who sent two people to the scene to collect the truck and the driver. 

The situation prompted a lockdown of nearby schools until the incident was resolved. No further details regarding the mental health incident have been released.


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