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Trucker shows great patience for biker who doesn’t get blind spots


Watch as this trucker offers an aggressive motorcyclist an incredible amount of compassion and patience after it’s clear he doesn’t understand truck blind spots. 

In this video, a motorcyclist with a GoPro camera is sitting at a stop light directly in front of a semi truck’s driver side front tire tire. The trucker then pulls up a bit in anticipation of the light changing and taps the biker’s back tire, trapping it slightly beneath the frame of his truck. 

“Hey, what are you doing dude!” the biker says, clearly unaware that the driver cannot see him. The motorcyclist then waves his hands and gets the driver’s attention, motioning for him to pull over with a bit of an attitude as if the driver did it on purpose and he’s expecting him to drive away without seeing the results of the minor fender bender.

The trucker does pull over though, and tries to kindly explain to the motorcyclist that he couldn’t see the bike at all until he started waving his hands, and even says that he drives a motorcycle himself, all with an impressive amount of patience.

Eventually the motorcyclist acknowledges that there doesn’t seem to be any damage and the two drive off, hopefully with a better perspective on trucker’s blind spots. 

Watch the video of the encounter, below.


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