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Trucker stopped at Bucee’s doors even after parking elsewhere 


A trucker stopped at Buc-ee’s doors wrote in to a Texas newspaper to tell the tale of his rejection in yet another in a series of Bucee’s anti-trucker stories

Truck driver John White recently wrote in to the Houston Chronicle to recount his own experience being kicked out of a Buc-ee’s store that had nothing to do with where he parked his truck. 

“I, too, was asked to leave a Buc-ee’s store in Texas when I bobtailed into their lot,” White started, referencing a trucking couple’s experience at a Buc-ees about a year ago. 

“I left and parked on the shoulder of the road and tried to walk back in, and was greeted at the door again by the store manager and told ‘truck drivers are not welcome’ and to please leave before they called the police and have me removed for trespassing.”

While each Buc-ee’s location does post “No 18-Wheelers” signs at each parking lot entrance, having a trucker stopped at Buc-ee’s doors after parking elsewhere seems excessive. 

“I can’t believe they’re allowed to discriminate like that,” White continued. “There are many stories like mine where drivers weren’t even allowed in the store after parking off property and trying to walk in.”


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