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Here’s why there’s “absolutely no way” truckers will shop at Bucee’s


This informative video explains exactly why there is “absolutely no way” that truckers will shop at Bucee’s in light of their anti semi truck and trucker policies. 

“Bucee’s doesn’t support truck drivers, so I’m not going to shop at Bucee’s,” social media personality Chace Barber states in the video. “Truck drivers are what keep this country moving. There’s no way I’m going to support a business that doesn’t support truck drivers,” he continues, all while filming himself getting closer and closer to the Bucee’s entrance. 

“That’s too much of a selection. I don’t need that much selection anyway,” he says, pointing the camera at an arguably excessive beef jerky case. “I don’t need fresh baking… or brisket…” he continues. 

The camera then pans over the extensive drink coolers, and the aisles of snacks. 

“You don’t need this many snacks.”

“And I’m definitely gonna buy this American drink holder… or this marble carving of the state of Texas,” the man continues while showing off Bucee’s huge collections of knick knacks and clothes. 

“So yeah. There is absolutely no way that I’m supporting Bucee’s,” the driver concludes while wearing a super special surprise outfit. 

Watch the [satirical] video, below. 

@chacebarber Replying to @Pete Buc-ees doesn’t allow truckers #edisonmotors #truckers #texas #bucees ♬ original sound – Chace Barber

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