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Watch a guy get banned from Buc-ee’s for bringing an emotional support duck inside the store


An emotional support duck and its owner recently ran afoul of store management and wound up getting banned from Buc-ee’s stores.

“Wrinkle” is a Pekin duck owned by Justin Wood and Joyce Kung who first gained internet fame in 2021 when the bird ran part of the New York City Marathon in custom-made sneakers. Since then, Wrinkle has garnered millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram.

This year, a new video featuring Wrinkle the duck is garnering views for a very different reason.

According to the duck’s owners, Wrinkle also serves an emotional support animal. When Wood brought Wrinkle inside the store in a child’s stroller to shop, it instantly drew attention from multiple Buc-ee’s managers, who asked him to either put the duck on a leash or leave.

When he didn’t leash the duck, police were called to deliver the news that Wrinkle and Wood are banned from all Buc-ee’s property and will be charged with trespassing if they are caught at a Buc-ee’s store in the future.

Check out the video below.


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