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CDLLife exists to celebrate the commercial truck driver by providing news, information and entertainment, as well as an escape from the everyday grind. We want to call attention to challenges that drivers face both on and off the road and provide a forum for respectful discussion about issues in the trucking industry today. Why? Because Truckers Rule! At CDLLife we understand that trucking isn’t easy. We live by the thought, if you bought it then a truck brought it.

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CDLLife.com has the best community on the web. Let your unique voice be heard! CDLLife would like to give truckers the opportunity to say they want to say. You deserve to have a voice and you deserve to be heard. Do you have a great article, tip, advice, photo, or something that you’d love to share with other drivers and friends? If so

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At CDLLife, we value your comments, opinions and feedback so we encourage you to engage with our growing community of professional truck drivers.  If you would like to contact us you can either email us directly or fill out the brief contact form below.

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