The Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) is investigating an armed robbery involving a semi truck driver that occurred on the Ohio Turnpike on Tuesday evening.
A prominent driverless truck company will wind down U.S. operations and cut ties with most of their U.S. workers.

A-1’s banned from booting and towing in Memphis until after Christmas

A-1’s banned from booting and towing semi trucks in Memphis, Tennessee until after Christmas, declared a Memphis committee.  The Memphis, Tennessee Transportation Commission has suspended...

Trucking company charged with harassment and discrimination failed to pay $20k by deadline 

A trucking company charged with harassment and discrimination is facing further charges after failing to pay $20k in damages by the deadline.  York County, Pennsylvania...

VIDEO: Pickup truck driver hauling a house leads Missouri cops on pursuit

Police in Missouri shared wild video of a Thanksgiving evening pursuit involving a pickup truck driver hauling a house.

Michigan man sentenced to 17 years in $40 million trucking Ponzi scheme

On Tuesday, a man described by authorities as a “recidivist fraudster” was sentenced to prison after pleading guilty to charges related to a $40 million trucking Ponzi scheme.

Trucker accused of selling 33,000 pounds of frozen chicken he was supposed to deliver

A South Carolina sheriff's office followed a tip to catch a truck driver accused of stealing and selling 33,000 pounds of frozen chicken.

No bullet found after trucker claims highway shooting, company owner fails to report incident to police 

A Trucking company failed to report highway shooting to police after their driver claimed his truck was struck by a stray bullet in Oakland.  The...

VIDEO: Twelve year old steals construction vehicle, leads Michigan police on pursuit

Police in Ann Arbor, Michigan, released dash cam video from a recent police pursuit involving a minor in a stolen construction vehicle.

FBI investigating after vehicle explosion leaves multiple people dead at New York border crossing

Federal authorities have responded to a vehicle explosion at a New York border crossing on Wednesday. The Rainbow Bridge connecting Niagara Falls, New York,...

Notorious A-1’s Towing responds to backlash over booted big rigs at truck stops

A Memphis-based towing company has issued a response to outcry from the trucking industry over booted big rigs at truck stops

Man accused of putting truckers out of service by stealing hundreds of semi truck side mirrors

A Virginia man is facing charges after he allegedly stole more than 200 semi truck side mirrors from truckers in the Stafford County area....

A-1’s Towing is “holding our truck hostage” says trucking company hauling $70k pharmaceutical load 

A trucking company out of Arkansas says that the infamous A-1’s towing is “holding our truck hostage” despite being loaded with a very expensive,...

Yet another Philly tractor trailer heist leaves trucker without load of talcum powder

A trucker was left without his load of talcum powder after Philadelphia thieves stole from tractor trailer.  The theft occurred early on Monday, November 20th...

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