Truck driver tased and maced after bizarre behavior at Walmart distribution center

Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) say that a truck driver is facing multiple charges after his erratic behavior led to an altercation with police at a Walmart location earlier this month.

Feds find ‘record-breaking’ amount of meth hidden in big rig’s tomato and pepper load

Officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recently seized hundreds of pounds of drugs concealed in a hidden compartment in a trailer.
Staged Accidents

Four who settled for $4.7 MILLION now indicted in New Orleans semi crash scheme

Prosecutors have added four more indictments to the dozens already issued in a growing investigation into massive fraud scheme involving staged truck crashes in New Orleans.

Shooter still at large after firing at least 10 shots at semi truck

Police in Kansas are asking for help from the public in locating a motorist who opened fire on a semi truck driver on Tuesday.

Female trucker found dead on interstate near her semi was murdered, police say

Alabama authorities are investigating the Wednesday morning death of a truck driver as a homicide.

Border Patrol break open boulders hauled by big rig, make $3.9 MILLION bust

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents say that they weren't fooled after drug smugglers went to extraordinary lengths to conceal hundreds of pounds of illegal cocaine and methamphetamine inside large boulders.

Trucker faces weapons charges after opening fire on a fellow truck driver, cops say

New Jersey State Police say that a semi truck driver is facing multiple weapons charges after he reportedly fired on another trucker during a road rage incident on Tuesday.

AK-47 wielding cartel gunmen rob truckers near border

Startling new dash cam footage highlights a serious danger for truckers near the U.S./Mexico border.

Trooper who stopped to help disabled truck stumbles upon $5 MILLION worth of weed

A Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) trooper was only attempting to assist a box truck driver with mechanical problems over the weekend, but he wound up discovering thousands of pounds of marijuana.

Man arrested for setting semi on fire also charged for trying to burn police...

New York police say that a man already facing charges for setting a semi truck on fire is now facing additional charges for attempting to set a police vehicle on fire.

Truck driver gets federal prison for dumping 3000 gallons of diesel in creek

Georgia authorities announced that a truck driver was sentenced to federal prison after he pled guilty to illegally dumping thousands of gallons of diesel fuel into a creek.

Retired truck driver “bit surprised” after SWAT team raids home following fake 911 call

Two SWAT units, a robot, a drone, a helicopter, and two armored vehicles were deployed in response to a 911 call that turned out to be a hoax, police say. 

‘Spotter’ pleads guilty in scheme to stage semi truck crashes in New Orleans

Federal authorities say that a man has pled guilty to charges related to a major scheme to defraud trucking and insurance companies by staging crashes with semi trucks.

California man arrested after bizarre encounter with wine tanker truck

A tanker truck driver hauling red wine had an unusual encounter with a man who was apparently desperate for a drink in Turlock, California, on Tuesday.

POLICE: Truck driver wanted by police for ‘nationwide grooming’ of young girls

Police are searching for a truck driver accused of a ‘nationwide’ attempt to groom and seduce young girls through the use of social media.  26-year-old Dmitriy Seleznev is wanted...

Truck driver sentenced after threatening to ‘shoot up’ a church, police say

A truck driver was sentenced to two years in prison on Friday after threatening to ‘shoot up’ a church in Tennessee and “kill some people on the street… then kill myself.”
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