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Pennsylvania trucking company falls victim to ransomware attack

A large trucking company based in Pennsylvania recently was hit by a ransomware attack that impacted network communication systems.
Self Driving Trucks

Another former FMCSA boss joins a self-driving truck tech company

A former Deputy Administrator for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has taken a new position with a leading self-driving truck technology startup.

Mapping company wants to pay drivers to use their dash cameras

A crowdsourced mapping startup is looking to add ground-level data to its database with the help of truck drivers and motorists.  Beginning in 2021, Hivemapper will offer cash compensation...

Mental health apps you should check out if you’re feeling overwhelmed

With everything that has happened in 2020 so far, it's completely normal to be feeling a little anxious, stressed or overwhelmed. It can be difficult to know where...

Missouri company to deploy 62 two-truck autonomous convoys on existing freight routes

A Missouri-based trucking company has entered into a multi-year pilot program with a trucking technology company that provides "human-guided autonomous convoying."

Three major trucking companies subscribe to self-driving truck service

An automated truck technology provider announced partnerships with three large trucking companies to deploy self-driving truck technology on U.S. roadways.

Tesla was in autopilot mode when it stuck a patrol car, motorist says

A motorist says that their Tesla car was in autopilot mode when it crashed into a police SUV in Washington on Saturday.  The accident happened on May 15th in...
GPS units for truck drivers.

Bill would require all big rigs to be equipped with GPS

A Virginia lawmaker recently introduced a bill that would require truck drivers to install and use a commercial GPS device.

Self-driving truck company claims rig shaved 10 hours off 24-hour test trip

Self-driving truck company, TuSimple, recently conducted a 900-mile test run of one of its driverless vehicles, delivering a load of produce in just over 14 hours. On May 3...
Tesla Car Hauler

Tesla driver rear ends car hauler, blames Autopilot

A Tesla owner shared dash cam video of a collision with a truck that he said was the fault of the car's Autopilot system.
Self Driving Trucks

Self-driving truck company wants to test in ‘toughest winter conditions’ in Minnesota

A California-based self-driving truck startup is partnering with the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) to test out how their trucks will perform during harsh winter weather conditions.
Fuel Card Outage

Nationwide fuel card outage spells trouble for thousands of truckers

Numerous truckers have reported that they were unable to fuel cards Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning, forcing some drivers to shut down.

Waymo teams up with Daimler to produce self-driving Freightliner Cascadias ‘in the coming...

An autonomous driving technology company announced a new partnership with one of the world's biggest truck manufacturers to bring self-driving semi trucks to market in America.

First round of Tesla semis to be delivered in 2021 despite battery constraints, Musk...

After a period of battery production limitations, Tesla claims that their first orders of electric semi trucks will be delivered this year, but the company has yet to figure out how to...

New driver monitoring product that can tell if you’re smoking behind the wheel

This week, a tech company announced a new product that can provide fleets with real-time alerts about various driving behaviors like cell phone usage and smoking.

VIDEO: Simulated crash puts electric semi truck battery to the test

A semi truck’s electric battery was put to the test on camera earlier this week; and experts say it passed with flying colors.  Since hybrid semi trucks were first...
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