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For truck drivers, technology is changing faster than ever. Find helpful information, news and resources dedicated to trucking technology here!

CDL Life Tests Mobile Computing Accessories for Truckers

Mobile Computing Accessories for Truckers

Truck drivers are finding more often these days that a multi-tasking machine like a laptop or smartphone is irreplaceable when going over the road. CDL Life has a look at some price-smart mobile computing accessories for your tractor trailer.
CDL Life reviews Android Apps for Truckers

Trucker Apps: Top 5 Paid Mobile Apps for Truck Drivers

Trucker apps for Android: reviews, features and download links. Explore the CDL Life archives for more about Android and iPhone apps for truck drivers.
Mobile Phone Use for Truckers

Survey: Mobile Phone Use for Truckers

This August 2011 survey by uShip found there was a growth of nearly 3/5ths in mobile phone use by truckers in their daily business operations.
Financial App

5 Free Financial Apps Truckers Need

Long haul truckers should always keep their money on their mind. No one wants to go broke while on the road! So which mobile apps are trucker-friendly according to CDLLife?
CDL Life Reviews GPS for Truckers

Trucker GPS: Units for Long Haul Truckers

CDL Life reviews 2011's top GPS units for professional truck drivers. There will be more reviews in Winter 2011 for truck-specific GPS models.

Home Security & Surveillance for Truckers

New home security systems make it easy for long haul truckers to keep watch over their home and family. It doesn't cost as much as you might think!
Truck Driver GPS Units

Trucker GPS: The Best in Navigation

Finding the best GPS for truckers can be overwhelming. CDL Life has reviewed some of the top GPS models for truck drivers. Trucker Navigation is crucial!
Power Inverter Review CDL Life

Power Inverters Truck Drivers Can Use

Power inverters allow truck drivers to use computers, DVD players and cooking appliances on the road. Which one do you need?

Wind Energy Won’t Move Forward without Truckers

Between 2000 and 2010, the total number of kilowatt hours produced by wind energy in the US rose more than 1483%. These incredible numbers may stall if trucker needs aren't met.
Mobile Hot Spots CDL Life

Mobile WiFi Hotspots for the Open Road

Don't get trapped on another downed web network at that roadside rest stop. Bring your hotspot in the cab with you and surf the net on an affordable plan.
Laptops for Truck Drivers

Affordable Truck Cab Laptops that Kick Butt

Check out some of our recommended laptops that kick butt and are light on your pocketbook. You can get a lot of computer for less these days!

Financial App Review: MINT

CDLLife links you to a review of MINT, an award-winning finance app for mobile phones. Watch a video of how it works.
PayPal Mobile

Financial App Review: PayPal Mobile

We have another quick review and how-to for one of the most popular financial mobile apps for Android phones - PayPal Mobile. Fast, Easy and Convenient for some emergency cash or quick purchases on the road.

Twitter: What Is a Hashtag & How Do You Use It?

Thousands of truck drivers are on Twitter. This social network is one of the best ways to find out more about topics that are on truckers' minds. Learn how to make the most of it.
Text And Drivevideo

Cell Phones In Cars May Soon Be Illegal

Distracted driving is a problem for nearly everyone. It kills thousands of people every year. Now federal safety groups are demanding all cell phone use be restricted.

Trucker Apps: The Best Casino Games for Android Phones

Trucker apps made for fun can take the boredom out of an otherwise uneventful layover. CDL Life has compiled some of the best casino game apps for Android.