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For truck drivers, technology is changing faster than ever. Find helpful information, news and resources dedicated to trucking technology here!

App Press Release

The app every trucker should have

The team here at CDLLife has made some major updates to our new app to make it even easier and more fun for truckers to use!

A robot dispatcher and a self-driving truck just sent a load ‘without any human...

This week, two companies say that their technologies were able to work together successfully broker and transport a load without any human help.

ELD provider Rand McNally still searching for solutions after systems go down

Days after customers first reported problems, Rand McNally is still trying to find a solution after they say that a "system upgrade" was the cause of major disruptions to their ELD devices.
Plus.ai cross country

Self-driving truck hauled 20 tons of butter cross country in three days

An autonomous truck technology startup says that one of their trucks made a cross country trek hauling perishable cargo in less than three days.

Camera system may soon replace rear & side mirrors in Tyson Foods trucks

Tyson Foods is testing out new camera technology that could replace traditional side and rear view mirrors.  ABC 7 reports that Tyson has been working with designer and manufacturer...
Concept Truck

Concept semi truck looks more interstellar than interstate

This week, Hyundai Motor Company debuted two new concept commercial vehicle products -- a hydrogen powered Class 8 truck and a clean energy refrigerated trailer. On October 28, South...

That semi truck next to you on I-45 might be driving itself

A new self-driving truck startup recently announced that they are using the most heavily travelled freight corridor in Texas to deliver goods to customers.

Ohio is building an automated truck corridor along a major interstate

The state of Ohio has received $4.4 million from the US Department of Transportation to spend on truck-centered automated driving technology.  DriveOhio, a collaborative organization aimed at addressing forward-thinking...

Have you seen this ‘Strap-A-Pult’ thing yet?

A demonstration video featuring a device to help haulers strap down their loads has been going viral in trucking social media circles.

Research predicts 54,000 electric semis on the road by 2025

A recent US study estimates that a large number of electric semi trucks are expected to hit the road by 2025.  The study was conducted by US-based energy analysts...
GPS units for truck drivers.

Bill would require all big rigs to be equipped with GPS

A Virginia lawmaker recently introduced a bill that would require truck drivers to install and use a commercial GPS device.

One operator remotely controls two driverless trucks in demo video

Swedish driverless truck tech startup Einride has released video demonstrating how one person at a remote location can control multiple cargo trucks.

‘Definitely different’: Truckers get a first-hand look at a self driving semi

In a recent VICE News video report, an autonomous trucking company executive stops by a truck stop to talk with drivers about the technology that threatens their jobs.

Man leaves Tesla in ‘autopilot mode’ to watch movie, nearly kills two officers

Two police officers narrowly escaped injury and possibly death after a Tesla on “autopilot mode” crashed into their parked vehicles.  The accident occurred in Spring Hope, North Carolina earlier...

Check out this new rival to the Tesla Semi

A California-based startup just debuted an unusual-looking new electric semi truck.

Three major trucking companies subscribe to self-driving truck service

An automated truck technology provider announced partnerships with three large trucking companies to deploy self-driving truck technology on U.S. roadways.
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