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Teen driver survives fiery head-on collision with semi truck

Teen driver ‘lucky to be alive’ after veering into oncoming semi

A truck driver and the teen driver who struck him head-on are both lucky to have survived a dramatic collision that was captured on dash cam.
Study: ELDs have not decreased semi truck crashes

Study: ELDs have not decreased semi truck crashes

A new study published this month examined the effects of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate on commercial vehicle crash rates a year after the regulation went into effect.
Blizzard Sierra Nevada

Blizzard to dump up to 8 feet of snow in Sierra Nevada

California officials are warning drivers not to attempt to travel as a severe winter storm is dumping several feet of snow on the Sierra Nevada area from now through Tuesday.

Update: Officials says ‘language barrier’ may have caused trucker to drive over wooden bridge

An Arkansas official has suggested that a truck driver's language barrier may have been the reason that he did not heed signs that warned him off of a 6 ton wooden bridge that he ultimately collapsed.

ODOT shares nerve-racking trucker dash cam video to show dangers of icy bridges

Ohio transportation officials have released a truck driver's dash cam video to remind drivers to exercise extra caution on icy bridges.
Mississippi Tow Bill

Bill to allow tow companies to sell belongings from inside vehicles

A newly introduced bill will allow towing companies in Mississippi with unpaid tow bills to sell the personal property inside the vehicle.
FMCSA orders truck driver off the road after two pedestrian strikes in six months

FMCSA orders truck driver off the road after fatally striking two pedestrians in six...

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued an out-of-service order to an Ohio truck driver after he struck and killed two pedestrians on the shoulder of the roadway within a six month period.
Virginia kills tolls

Under pressure from truckers, Virginia lawmakers cancel plans for tolls on I-81

This week, lawmakers in Virginia opted to kill plan to place tolls on cars and semi trucks traveling on I-81.
Trucker's emotional tribute video to OTR life goes viral

Trucker’s emotional tribute video to OTR life goes viral

"Truck driving isn't a job, it's a way of life," say the truck driver behind a moving video that has taken Facebook by storm.
Trucker takes very expensive custom rig for a romp in the snow

Trucker takes very expensive custom rig for a romp in the snow

While other truckers are shivering in sub-zero temperatures and slogging through inches of ice and snow, one truck driver reminds us all that winter can actually be fun.
FedEx Cold

Body of frozen trucker found at Illinois distribution center

Illinois police are investigating the death of a semi truck driver whose body was discovered at a FedEx delivery hub in freezing temperatures.
NY governor says he'll punish truckers who violate ban by taking CDL, issuing assault charges

NY governor says he’ll punish truckers who violate travel ban

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared war on truck drivers who are in violation of a weather related travel ban issued earlier this week. "This is a disgrace," Cuomo said of the truckers who...

Trucker follows GPS onto wooden bridge, causing it to collapse into river

A truck driver is lucky to have escaped unharmed after he followed his GPS onto a small Arkansas bridge and wound up in a river. 
Amazon spotted using self-driving trucks to haul cargo

Amazon spotted using self-driving trucks to haul cargo

After an image was posted on Reddit, Amazon has confirmed that it is using trucks equipped with self-driving technology to haul freight on I-10.
NY Thruway Crash

Police say truckers who disobeyed tractor trailer ban involved in 21 vehicle pileup

Police say that many of the vehicles involved in a major pileup crash on the New York Thruway were in violation of a weather-reflated tractor trailer travel ban.

State police say ‘up to 40 vehicles’ involved in snowy pileup

Pennsylvania authorities say that dozens of passenger and commercial vehicles were involved in a major pileup crash this afternoon.

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