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Truck Parking Survey

The Dept. of Transportation is asking truckers for help to improve truck parking

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is asking for input from truckers on the current truck parking situation in America.
Trucker passing illegally nearly hits trooper head on

Close call: Trooper dodges head-on semi

After an Oklahoma trooper's close call with a semi truck illegally passing went viral, many social media users are questioning the trooper's response to the incident.

Dash cam captures out of control apple truck on Pacheco Pass

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has shared incredible dash cam video of a two truck crash that left Pacheco Pass covered in apple sauce.

DOT increases fines for federal trucking violations across the board

This week, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) announced that they will be increasing fines for all commercial vehicle violations. 
A two million pound truck load got stuck in a ditch, closing a highway for the rest of the week

Two million pound load gets stuck in ditch, shutting down highway for a week

Texas authorities say that a highway will be closed down for the rest of the week while crews try to figure out what to do about a massive truck load that is currently stuck in the mud.

Family searches for missing truck driver

A family is asking for help in locating a veteran truck driver who has been missing for weeks.
Mel's Diner

‘Parked’ semi rolls into diner while driver eats inside

Customers at a diner in California got the surprise of their lives when a parked truck rolled across the parking lot and plowed into several cars.
CHP warns truckers that paper logs are no longer acceptable

CHP warns paper logs are no longer acceptable without exemption

A year after the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) put electronic logging device regulations into effect, California troopers are warning truckers that their paper logs books will absolutely not be accepted any longer.
Authorities look for clues after massive fire destroys trucking company facility

Police are trying to figure out how this trucking company went up in flames

The Minnesota State Fire Marshall is looking for the cause of a huge fire that destroyed a trucking company building along with multiple semi trucks yesterday. The fire was reported just before 4:30 on Monday,...
Neighbors complained about loud illegal trucks for years, so transportation officials decide to make them legal

Delaware DOT rewrites rules after residents complain about semi trucks

The Delaware Department of Transportation has made an unusual decision in response to years of complaints from locals about noisy truck traffic on a small street.
Intruder sneaks into CHP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility

An actual bear strolled into a CHP commercial vehicle enforcement office

Troopers at the California Highway Patrol's (CHP) Donner Pass Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility got a visit from a surprising guest over the weekend. In viral video captured on November 17 and shared over the weekend...

Snow and high winds leads to 20-vehicle pileup on Interstate 70, backing up highway...

A massive 20 vehicle pileup has shutdown a portion of Interstate 70 near Frisco, Colorado, on Saturday afternoon. The incident occurred on the eastbound lanes at mile marker 204 around 1 p.m. According to local reports,...
Driver says he rolled his semi truck because he was distracted by a toothache

Driver says he rolled his semi truck because he was distracted by a toothache

A truck driver gave police an unusual excuse for why he crashed his tractor trailer on the Kansas Turnpike early this morning. 

Truck driver delivering liquid CO2 dies from carbon dioxide poisoning

The owner of the company refused to speak on camera but said that a driver “error” was the cause of the accident.
High School Program

Trucking industry targeting high school students to help fill the ‘driver shortage’

A high school in California is hoping to entice female students into the trucking industry in order to address the so-called 'truck driver shortage.'
Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation has a new idea to attract new drivers

This week Swift Transportation announced that they are trying a new tactic in order to lure in truck drivers. 

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