Monday, April 24, 2017

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 CDLLIFE Editorial Note:

Every week CDLLIFE gets questions submitted to us by drivers asking us to comment on various trucking companies within the transportation industry. Usually, a driver will ask us if we can recommend a particular trucking company or if we have anything to say, good or bad, about the company.  Historically, the staff at CDLLIFE has avoided answering these questions because we believe that changing jobs is such an important decision that we would not feel comfortable giving advice that could potentially end up not working out for the driver.

With that being said, CDLIFE has always existed to serve truck drivers everywhere.  That is why we are proud to announce the addition of our trucking company directory.  CDLLIFE personally reached out to all of the trucking companies listed within this directory and we asked them several questions that we feel truck drivers would want to know.  Our overall goal when interviewing a trucking company is to give drivers a 10,000 ft overview of who the trucking company is,  what makes them unique, and what types of jobs they have available.

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