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New HOS Rules: Visual Examples for Truckers


We know most truckers aren’t happy with the new Hours of Service (HOS) revision from the FMCSA. Truckers feel more regulatory pressure than ever. It seems like no one in the industry and Washington has their back.

Hours of Service Online Tutorial
This is one of the many visual examples from the FMCSA's 2012 HOS Online Tutorial.

However, this week the FMCSA posted a new PDF document that illustrates examples of how to fill out your logbook without violating the new HOS rules. It goes over each revised ruling like sleeper cab time, restart provisions, team driving, and even passenger carrying vehicles. Each chapter has examples of logging hours that meet requirements, and examples of hours that violate new rules.

It’s not much, but it’s something. So we thought we would post the link to the tutorial in case you wanted to brush up on your regulatory statutes (ugh, that doesn’t even sound interesting).

Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the prize, truckers!


Need a pdf reader? Get one from Adobe. After all – they created the pdf document!



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