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Trucking Gear: Sleeping Well Arctic Plus A/C Unit


Semi Truck Air Conditioner 12 VoltIndel B has introduced the second-generation Sleeping Well Arctic Plus, a 12-volt DC no-idle air-conditioning system.
The new Arctic Plus is a three-component system, but it’s a fully 12-volt arrangement with the same 6150-BTU output. Having a true 12-volt system created opportunities to make more than 30 system improvements resulting in better overall system performance and reliability.

The new version sees a dramatic 30% reduction in power consumption, down to only 55 amps/hour at maximum output. This means the unit can perform optimal clean cooling with the engine off. Sleeping Well Arctic Plus A/C operates with the engine off, reducing your truck’s energy footprint.

A comfortable truck driver is a safe truck driver
The Sleeping Well functions with the windows closed, shutting out the heat, humidity, dust, noise, and bothersome  insects.  The driver is guaranteed a refreshing, trouble-free rest, improving performance upon waking and lowering the risk of costly accidents.

Truck driver safety while stopped
The Sleeping Well’s revolutionary design quietly cools the truck interior with the doors locked and windows shut.  Stopovers are comfortable, safe and free of unnecessary risks.

Easy maintenance
The refined Sleeping Well technology needs no maintenance. Works without refilling of water.

Quick, simple truck cab installation
The Sleeping Well is designed for quick and easy installation.  It comes as a complete semi truck kit designed to fit most models and operates with ecological R134a gas (CFC-Free).

Powerful fan for short stops
For brief stops, Sleeping Well also offers a powers tangential and silent fan to be used to keep the in-cab air moving.

Truck main batteries protected
Sleeping Well is powered by an accessory battery pack that re-charges only after your main batteries are fully charged.  The accessory battery pack is isolated from your main batteries to ensure that the truck will always start.

The new Arctic Plus should keep the cab cool for 10 hours even in the warmest climates.

Visit this link to find a licensed Sleeping Well Arctic Plus AC dealer in your state.


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