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Texas Walmart Fighting To Enforce No Truck Parking Policy


A San Angelo, Texas Walmart is fighting to enforce its overnight or long-term no truck parking policy.

The oil field boom has created an influx of trucking in the area, and the number of trucks parking at the Sherwood Way Walmart for the evening has prompted the Walmart store to post “No Truck Parking” signs throughout the lot.

Walmart officials say that despite the signs, trucks are still parking in the lot for an extended period of time.

San Angelo Police Department Community Services Officer, Zach Upton, told the Concho Valley newspaper that the police department’s hands are tied, “We can’t enforce anything unless it’s on public property. A roadway or city owned places; so in a situation like this it’s up to the business to make the first contact.”

Walmart employees said that San Angelo residents are voicing their concerns to Walmart staff and to the local police department, calling the truck parking “a safety hazard,” however, the Concho Valley newspaper reports that only 5 calls regarding truck parking at Walmart have been made in the last 6 months and only 2 have bee from the public.

Officer Upton told the publication that truck parking in the area is scarce, and until more options are available for drivers, the issue will continue.

“Since it is private property we can’t enforce their rules. The way they park in their parking lots is their rules, not something we can enforce because it’s not a law[…] once they ask somebody to leave and they refuse to leave then they’re breaking the law, so that’s when we’re allowed to step in and give them one last try to leave. If they refuse, then they would be arrested for criminal trespassing,” Upton said.

“The incidents where SAPD was called out to assist staff resulted in full compliance from the truck drivers,” Concho Valley reported.

Wal-Mart management declined Concho Valley’s request for an interview, but they did tell the newspaper that they don’t want trucks in their parking lot and are “taking steps to address the issue.”

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