Texting While Driving In New York Now A 5 Point Violation

Effective | June 1, 2013

The state of New York is cracking down on texting while driving.

Effective since June 1st, drivers caught talking on handheld mobile devices, texting, or emailing will face higher fines. In addition to an increase in the fine amount, offending drivers will also receive 5 points on their license for each violation.

Prior to June, the violation added 3 points the the offending driver’s license.

This new implementation marks one of the toughest texting while driving penalties to date.

New York law enforcement has been instructed to enforce this particular law strongly all throughout the summer months.

Effective | October 28,2013

The changes and new penalties for motor carriers and commercial vehicle drivers are as follows:

View the New York | Cell Phone & Texting Laws here.

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