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Truck Driver Badly Burned When Truck Suddenly Erupted Into Flames


Sleeping Driver BurnedAccording to the Daily Democrat, a California truck driver was severely injured when his truck suddenly burst into flames on CR-118.

On Saturday morning, 24-year-old truck driver Ajdin Pjanic was driving south on Interstate 5, on the Yolo Bypass, when a warning indicator light flashed on the dash of his 2009 International truck.

Pjanic stopped at the bottom of the County Road 22 off-ramp and turned off his truck.  Moments later, he restarted the truck, and the indicator light was no longer on.

California Highway Patrol reported that Pjanic turned right onto CR-118 and did a U-turn and was heading back on south CR-118, when he noticed smoke coming from the dash.

A fire then erupted on the dash.  The fire quickly grew and Pjanic attempted to exit the truck but his door wouldn’t open. He kicked the door and was finally able to get it to open, and he jumped from the truck as the cab became fully engulfed in flames.

According to the Daily Democrat, Pjanic suffered major injuries.

Source: Daily Democrat


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