Home Technology CEO Shares Sneak Peek Of Uber Freight Semi

CEO Shares Sneak Peek Of Uber Freight Semi

CEO Shares Sneak Peek Of Uber Freight Semi

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has shared a photo of what appears to be the very first Uber Freight truck.

The Uber Freight truck is displayed in an empty parking lot in Pittsburgh. While details about the spin-off trucking company are a bit hazy at this point, we do know that the basic mission of Uber Freight will be to connect shippers directly with trucking services via an app. The app will assign a price for moving a load based on current supply and demand, much in the same way that Uber’s fare rises and falls depending on current demand.

What we don’t know about Uber Freight is whether the truck is driverless. Uber acquired driverless trucking startup Otto last summer for $680 million. The Uber Freight truck does not appear to have any Otto branding or logos.

An Otto blog post published at the time of the acquisition indicates that both companies have lofty goals for reinventing trucking as we know it: “By joining forces with Uber we can fast forward to the future. Together, Otto and Uber can build the backbone of the rapidly-approaching self-driving freight system. We can help make transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone, whether you’re talking people or packages.”


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