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Lost Trucker Muddles Things Up In Ohio Town

Lost Trucker Muddles Things Up In Ohio Town

A truck driver’s wrong turn led to a long night for himself and the townspeople of Mount Adams, Ohio.

Last night around 2 a.m., a truck driver with only three weeks of experience took the wrong exit off of Ohio’s I-71 and found himself on the steep and narrow streets of the Cincinnati suburb of Mount Adams. As the lost truck driver tried to maneuver through the town, he wound up taking down a power pole and wires — without even realizing it — and then crashing into a trash can. During his left turn attempt, the truck crashed into a tea bar, removing the awning and damaging the brick exterior.

As if this wasn’t humbling enough for the new driver, police, firefighters, and reporters soon arrived on the scene. Officers spent hours trying to guide the truck driver as he backed his rig through the narrow streets. They eventually called in a tow truck to remove cars parked on the street to make it easier for the truck driver to maneuver.

Finally by 6:30 am., the truck driver escaped from the narrow streets of Mount Adams and was on his way — with a citation for failure to control his vehicle in hand.


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