Those of you who aren’t coffee fans but are looking for a little pick-me-up will soon be able to buy an energy shot drink specifically designed for truckers.

Starting in April, you’ll be able to buy ONE20 energy shots either at Amazon or at truck stops. According to a news release these energy shots are “100-percent designed with the professional truck driver in mind”, though exactly how they’re different from already available energy shots isn’t quite clear.

Still, the ONE20 energy shots promise to deliver approximately as much caffeine as a  cup of coffee with no sugar, only five calories, and tons of B vitamins at a lower cost than the competition.

Other than lower cost, likely the biggest lure that these energy shots will have for professional drivers are the trucking themed flavor names. What self-respecting driver wouldn’t want to throw back a shot of Hammertime (lemon-lime) before hitting the road? Who could resist grabbing a shot of Diesel (grape) for now and another shot of Overdrive (orange) for later?

ONE20 will be available on Amazon for $18.99 per dozen shots in the coming weeks.

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