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Truckers now forbidden from parking in their own driveways by county


Officials in a Florida county have passed an ordinance that makes it illegal for commercial vehicle drivers to park their truck in residential areas.

On Tuesday, May 7, commissioners in Lee County, Florida, passed an ordinance that makes it illegal to park a vehicle weighing more than 15,000 pounds in a residential area. The ordinance would make it illegal for semi truck drivers to park their trucks on property that they own.

City officials say that property that is zoned as agricultural are not subject to the ordinance. RVs are also exempt from the ordinance.

District 4 Commissioner Brian Hamman told Wink News that “We regularly get complaints from people who live in residential neighborhoods that semi drivers are bringing their rigs home overnight and parking them either on the county right of way or in the vacant lot next to their house. That is not the type of vehicle to have in a residential area.”

Still, Lee County officials said that they don’t have plans in place to rigorously enforce the ordinance. The county is “not going to send an army of deputies or code enforcement to look for trucks commercial vehicles violations,” said District 2 commissioner Cecil Pendergrass.

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