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Kitten rescued after getting stuck to semi truck wheel ‘A Christmas Story’ style


A Good Samaritan was able to rescue a kitten frozen to a semi truck wheel in Colorado on Monday thanks to some help from the driver. 

The Good Samaritan was at a tire shop in Commerce City, Colorado on October 26th when they noticed a kitten hanging from a semi truck wheel, its paws and tail frozen to the metal rim in the style of Flick from ‘A Christmas Story.’

Eager to save the animal from being crushed or dragged, the Good Samaritan rushed over to free the animal, but was at a loss on how to proceed without hurting the creature, until the truck driver stepped in. 

The driver quickly grabbed some warm water and ducked under the truck, gently splashing the kitten’s paws and tail to unstick it from the frigid metal. 

The rescue took around 20 minutes as the two took care to keep the kitten as dry as possible in the freezing weather. Once freed, the Good Samaritan wrapped the kitty in a blanket and transported it to The Dumb Friends League, a nearby animal shelter. 

Once examined, it was determined that the kitten was in good health with limited injuries on her paws and tail, and that it was only 5 weeks old – not quite old enough to be placed in a new home. 

For now, the kitten will be placed in a foster home until it is fully recovered, but the Good Samaritan says they are interested in keeping the kitten once it is ready for adoption.


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