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Popular trucking radio show host “dismissed” following warnings regarding “political talk” on his show


The longtime host of a popular trucking radio show has been “dismissed” from his position. 

Steve Sommers, host of 700WLW’s “America’s Truckin’ Network,” announced Friday, November 6th that he has been let go from his position after 16 years on the show. 

“I Have Been DISMISSED From I-Heart Radio…I’m Sorry My Friends… 2020 Is A B—-!!!,” he wrote on Facebook. 

“I Will Not Have A Chance To Say GOOD-BYE!! Thanks For 25 Years Of Friendship!! I will land on my feet!!”

I Have Been DISMISSED From I-Heart Radio…I’m Sorry My Friends… 2020 Is A BITCH!!!

Posted by Steve Sommers on Friday, November 6, 2020

“America’s Trucking Network” belongs to iHeartMedia’s collection of radio shows, and the company’s Market President of iHeartMedia Cincinnati has confirmed Sommers’ termination. 

“We periodically review our operations and programming and occasionally this means that we need to make some changes,” Market President DJ Hodge said. “We thank him for his many contributions and wish him the best in the future.“

Sommers says he first received warnings from his bosses advising against “political talk” during his call-in show back in July. Management suggested that he stick to trucking-specific topics and even specifically banned the airing of controversial political topics such as the death of George Floyd and the Confederate Flag. 

Sommers seemed to heed the warnings, and even spoke directly to listeners while on air, asking that they limit their call-ins to trucking specific topics and avoid any “political talk.”

“…Some things are going to change starting right now this morning,” he said on-air according to Radio Insight. “That’s where you’re going to be helping to participate because there are some things we’re not going to talk about anymore.”

“We all know in this country, for whatever reason in recent months, I guess you can say it all started with George Floyd and the atmosphere has become so politically charged, so divisive talking about the race issues, the confederate flag, bringing down monuments and statues, everybody has opinions,” he continued.

“Everyone’s entitled to differing opinions. I feel that I’ve always tried to give a balanced approach to my content on the program. Some apparently don’t feel that is the case but just suffice it to say, we’re going to avoid such topics,” he said.

iHeartMedia has reportedly made several rounds of layoffs since January of this year, including 50 executives and radio personalities, according to The Enquirer.

Sommers has hosted the show since 2004, inheriting it from his father, Dale “Truckin’ Bozo” Sommers, when he retired. Dale founded the show in 1984 and hosted it up until his retirement.


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