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“It’s difficult enough being away” – trucker speaks out against TV host’s racially-driven slam on the trucking industry


A truck driver spoke out this week against a TV host’s recent assertion that the trucking industry is an inhospitable place for anyone but ‘aggressive white men over 55.’

Last weekend, MSNBC TV host, Tiffany Cross, spoke on the topic of race and racism in trucking with a trucking school owner. The conversation, which was meant to highlight labor and supply chain issues in trucking, quickly turned to comments about potential racism in the industry as Cross voiced concerns about her brother, who is a truck driver, working in such a “dangerous industry” with “a lot of white men over 55” who ‘voted for Trump.’

Now, Carl Tharp-Porter, a truck driver from Milwaukee, has made his own TV appearance to discount Cross’ statements and highlight what he sees as the real issues in trucking – emotional crisis, regulations, wage issues, and even the gender gap. 

During his appearance, Tharp-Porter agreed that there is a division in the trucking industry, but blaming it on race or racism is a sort of fear-mongering and simply not the case. 

“What struck me was that the woman stated that there was a racism issue but didn’t talk about the more important issues like gender, being in truck driving as a woman,” Tharp-Porter said. 

“We deal with wage issues, we deal with DOT regulations issues, the fact that I have to be OTR for over two weeks and then I come back home and see my family. Those are the true issues – I don’t wanna deal with the invisible boogeyman that is racism. I don’t fall into the prey of the left where it plays on your weariness… as far as being fearful of things to happen.”

“There is a divide but it’s not on the issues of race,” he continued. “A lot of people are dealing with emotional issues here. It’s more of an accountability issue. It’s a spiritual battle and I think that it’s either right or wrong, good or evil.”

Tharp-Porter went on: “We need to get over this imaginary thought of racism. To me, it doesn’t exist. We are a family unit in the truck driving industry. We don’t want to deter young drivers like myself away from the industry because of other people’s fears and disbeliefs.”

“Truckers that do things that are wrong out there, you need to take accountability, and we need to let them know that that’s not how we do it in the industry.”

Prior to his TV appearance, Tharp-Porter had this to say on Twitter about Cross’ segment on trucking: “I’m a truck driver, doesn’t matter that I’m black… I’ve never experienced racism from other drivers. We have a code as drivers and some folks don’t want to be bothered nor harassed on political beliefs! It’s difficult enough being away don’t bring your leftist agenda to us!!!”

Watch his TV appearance, below.


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