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PETA to erect new billboard in honor of chickens lost in snapped strap incident


PETA will be placing a billboard near the site of a recent big rig accident involving chickens, according to a recent press release. 

The accident in question happened on June 1st in Goshen, Indiana, when the big rig took a turn, causing the straps securing the chicken cages in place to snap. The broken straps allowed the cages to fall off of the trailer, killing some of the chickens and “traumatizing” others, according to PETA

Luckily, the trucker driver was not hurt in the incident, but PETA says a new billboard will be erected at the intersection of Third and Main Street and will feature an image of a chicken with the words: I’m me, not meat. See the individual. Go Vegan.

“Birds died in terror and agony as a result of this crash, and the traumatized survivors were hauled off for their throats to be slit and their bodies carved up for food,” says PETA Executive Vice President Tracy Reiman. “PETA’s ad encourages anyone disturbed by the thought of animals suffering on the side of the road or under the slaughterhouse knife to go vegan.”

PETA says that there have been 37 crashes involving semi trucks hauling animals used for food in the US in 2021 so far.


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