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VIDEO: Trucker takes it upon himself to move an unlocked car blocking his tight turn


A woman is speaking out after her car was moved by a truck driver looking to make a tight turn and was subsequently towed. 

Surveillance footage shows a semi truck attempting to make a tight turn into a driveway across the street from the car in question. When the driver realized he wouldn’t be able to make the turn with the car where it was, he tried the door, found it unlocked, threw the car in neutral,  and had someone push as he steered. The pair then left the car parked in front of a fire hydrant. 

A few hours later, the City of LA found the car in front of the hydrant, ticketed it, and towed it away, leaving the owner, Alma Ordonez, with a $400 bill. 

“You can’t just move people’s cars,” Ordonez said. “This is L.A. There’s parking issues everywhere. I mean if you can do that, can you imagine, in the city, everybody just moving people’s cars to park?”

Luckily for Ordonez, the city waived the fee for the fire hydrant ticket, but the towing bill remained. Technically, a person caught moving a stranger’s car could end in a misdemeanor charge, but isn’t considered theft in any way in the city of LA, reported Fox 40.

“I would consider that stealing, right, when someone gets in your car and moves it,” she said. “But the LAPD said no, that’s just somebody moving your car without your consent.”

When asked, the man who owns the property the semi truck was trying to pull into said he had no idea about the incident with the car, and did not know what reporters were talking about, but did admit that he has trouble getting the semi truck into his driveway “yes, every time” because of all the cars parked on the street. It is not clear if the man owns the semi, or who was driving it at the time of the incident. 

Thd footage of the ordeal can be seen below.


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