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WATCH: Footage from I-70 trial show trucker’s erratic driving moments before crash


Footage released in the Interstate 70 pile-up crash trial reveals the truck driver’s erratic driving moments before the fiery incident. 

The video was released during the trial on Wednesday, September 29th and was filmed by Pedro Olvera, who filmed the driving and posted it to Snapchat after having his own close encounter with the truck. 

“As I was approaching him to pass him on the slow lane, I was on his rear of his trailer, and he cut right in front of me. I had to brake, so I passed him, and we made eye contact and motioned watch what you’re doing,” Olvera said, reported Fox 31 News.

The video shows the semi truck driven by Rogel Aguilera-Mederos straddling lanes and generally driving erratically. 

“I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a truck approaching fast,” said Casey Hull, another motorist who testified during the crash trial. 

“My husband had to pull the truck to the right side to avoid being hit, and the semi swerved in front of us,” Dawn Hull said.

A father who was teaching his daughter to drive during their encounter with the semi truck says that he felt helpless as the big rig came barreling their way. 

“I was screaming at my daughter … not a lot I could do but screaming at her to go, go, go, go,” Scott Nordby testified.

The trial is expected to last another three weeks.


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