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WATCH: TikTok video asks flatbed truckers how many straps is too many


A TikTok video raises the question to flatbed truckers of “is there such a thing as putting too many straps?”

In the video, after trucker reubenurrea asks if it’s possible to use too many straps, he shows an image of a semi hauling a steel tube using 17 straps to secure the load.

Urrea then says “So if that was a steel big tube, that’s one thing but what if that was fiberglass and that person put all those straps not in an anchor point at the base… Could he have cracked that if it was fiberglass?”

Some commenters on the video said:

“You can never put on too much. But it only takes once to not be enough.”

“The tension would break the fiberglass not the amount of straps.”

“Better safe than sorry, I over chain and over strap every time! If that tube breaks from straps then it’s defective pipe.”

“No such thing as too much securement.”

“If that tube was fiberglass they’d put more supports under and you strap where the supports are. Never enough straps or chains.”

Watch the TikTok below.


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