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‘Who doesn’t want to be part of something special in trucking?’: Family-owned company looks ahead to 50 years by reimagining driver pay


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One of the trucking industry’s most respected carriers has introduced an innovative new driver pay package as they look towards a major milestone in company history.

As Fargo, North Dakota-based Holland Enterprises is approaching 50 years of trucking in 2022, the company is looking forward to growing their future and looking back at how far they’ve come.

Holland’s Robust Pay Package Promises Truck Drivers a Better Future

Holland Enterprises is celebrating the upcoming 50 year milestone by rolling out a new salary acclimation pay package. The company says that drivers start out with a $1500 weekly guarantee for the first four weeks to make sure they have a successful start at Holland Enterprises.

After the first four weeks are up, drivers roll over to top CPM pay based on their previous work record and safety. Top pay for first-year Holland Enterprises drivers is $0.57 CPM, with CPM increasing to $0.59 in the second year (CPM is a performance based pay system based on a strong base CPM and bonus quarterly).

The company also announced that effective August 1, 2021, they are raising the company match on the 401k from 50% to 75% to help prove that they are committed to a long term relationship with their drivers. 

Holland Enterprises Reflects on the Past While Moving Forward Into 2022

Company leadership remains committed to recognizing and respecting the incredible contributions of their drivers. Holland Enterprises owner Dennis Holland recently made time to honor the extraordinary efforts of veteran drivers Phil Ellingworth and Rob Scott, who have both been with the company for decades. During the meeting, Holland took time to reflect on memories with the two drivers and celebrated spending time together. Ellingworth and Scott both embody the Holland core values of safe driving, elite customer service, and an old-school mentality toward trucking.

Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, Holland Enterprises remains committed to doing things the old-school way. They provide drivers with safe, new model equipment, give them long hauls, and let them do their jobs without micromanagement, interference or unnecessary drama. Holland drivers enjoy a true OTR experience, with an average length of haul of 1500 miles. The company says that the office is staffed with only trucking industry veterans and turnover in the office is almost unheard of.

Other standout benefits and perks that the company offers include:

  1. Long Mile Loads
  2. No Driver-Facing Cameras
  3. Free Health Insurance for Drivers After 2 Years
  4. New, State-of-the-Art Equipment to Operate
  5. Free Satellite TV and Radio in All Trucks
  6. APU Refrigerators and Inverters
  7. A Solid Safety Score
  8. Drivers make it home every 3 weeks and enjoy 3 days off
  9. Pet Policy & Rider Program Starting Day 1  

Holland Enterprises provides long haul refrigerated trucking services to customers in the United States. The company has grown to a fleet of 300 tractors and 350 refrigerated trailers. If you’re ready to take the next step in your trucking career, the Holland Enterprises family is ready to connect with you — just click here to get started.

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