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Joe Lowry Represents the Westmore Way


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Loyal, helpful, positive.  These are traits that make a vital team member, more importantly, these attributes are what make a wonderful person.  Joe Lowry embodies these characteristics and implements them into his work with Westmore Carriers.

Westmore Carriers is proud to show our appreciation to Joe and all professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment to delivering the goods and resources necessary in making everyday life possible for all Americans. 

 Joe is a Straight Truck Driver for the Bloomington area and is a driving force and asset to the team. 

Quentin Galbreath, Bloomington’s Terminal Manager, describes how Joe “shows up to work every night demonstrating a positive attitude, always willing to give a hand and go the extra mile”.

Whether it is covering on the dock, running additional routes, or demonstrating procedures for new drivers, Joe is versatile and always willing to jump in for the betterment of the team.

Not one for complaining, Joe remains in great spirits when times are the toughest. His loyalty is admirable as he has never missed a day.  His work ethic is strong and unwavering.  He is described by many as dependable, disciplined, and a team player!

Joe exemplifies doing things The Westmore Way!  

Watch Westmore Carriers’ appreciation message below.

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