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String of electric semi chargers planned for I-10 corridor between LA and El Paso 


The Interstate 10 freight corridor will soon be outfitted with electric truck charging stations stretching from southern California to west Texas if all goes according to plan. 

TeraWatt infrastructure plans to construct a TeraWatt Charging Center every 150 miles starting outside of Los Angeles and ending in El Paso, Texas. The stations will be positioned every 150 miles or so to accommodate the mileage range of commercially available electric semi trucks and will range in size from four to 100 acres. 

In addition to semi truck charging facilities, these locations will include driver amenities that would allow for driver to rest, eat, and shower while their trucks are recharging. The locations plan to be energy efficient with solar panels and low emissions in mind. 

Each of the sites will be located less than a mile from highway exits to allow for easy access for drivers, reported Market Watch.

“Long-haul trucking electrification represents a significant opportunity to reduce transportation sector emissions, but hinges on the rapid scale-up of specialized charging infrastructure,” said TeraWatt CEO Neha Palmer.

There are approximately 1,215 medium-to-heavy-duty zero-emissions trucks on Us roads currently, with 140,000 more on order.


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