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VIDEO: Trucker hauling oversized load crashes down a ditch, up an embankment, back onto roadway


A truck driver’s dash cam captured the moment that a fellow driver hauling an oversized load lost control and veered off the roadway, then crashed back across the road into a concrete barrier.

The video was captured in Williamstown, Kentucky, on January 7, 2022, and shared by YouTube user RollN for Time.

In the dash cam clip, you can see the truck suddenly swerve off the road near an exit, crashing down into a ditch, climbing up an embankment, and crashing across the road into a highway barrier. The truck comes to a stop blocking all lanes of the roadway.

The dash cammer is able to stop his vehicle in time to avoid another crash. He exits and goes to check on the crashed driver, who survived but suffered significant injuries.

“I’m not for certain if he was distracted or fell asleep or had a medical issue but it appeared that he never touched his brakes,” the dash cammer said.

Check out the video below.


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