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VIDEO: U.S. Senator joins People’s Convoy from the passenger seat of a big rig


On Thursday, U.S. Senator Ted Cruz hopped in the cab of a semi truck participating in a protest convoy on the D.C. Beltway.

On Thursday morning, Cruz met with members of the People’s Convoy in Hagerstown, Maryland, to show support for their cause as they continue to demonstrate for the fourth day.

Cruz shared video from the passenger seat of the lead truck in the convoy. Cruz waved and gave the thumbs up sign to other convoy participants and those on foot who showed up to support the convoy.

“Thank you to every trucker who is standing up for freedom for every man, woman, and child in America!” Cruz later said on social media.

“Thank you to The People’s Convoy for speaking out for freedom! Petty government tyrants shouldn’t force people to make private health care decisions,” Cruz added.

On Tuesday, People’s Convoy representatives met with Republican Senators Ron Johnson and Cruz as well as several members of the House of Representatives to discuss the group’s goals of ending COVID-19 related mandates.

“I appreciate the Senators and House members for taking the time to listen to us, but this is just the start. This isn’t a right issue, or a left issue. We need to put the divide aside and focus on that fact that our freedoms are being trampled on and people in this country are losing their businesses, their loved ones, their ability to make their own health decisions and, in a lot of cases, their lives,” said Brain Brase, truck driver and co-organizer, following Tuesday’s meeting with lawmakers. “A lot more needs to happen before we head home. We’re going to stay here and get more meetings with elected officials until we see meaningful change.” 

“We will keep the convoy going until we are heard,” said Brase. “That might mean organizing at the state level as well. We know that it will take all sides to come together to give us our freedoms back, and I hope that happens sooner rather than later. The government needs to be reminded that they work for us, the American people.” 


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