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Florida truckers are getting their rigs stolen but police won’t help, the drivers say


Drivers are looking for help that police won’t seem to provide after their semi trucks stolen in Florida recently. 

Truck driver Ghaleb Emachah says that his semi truck loaded with lumber was stolen on Sunday, October 22nd at around midnight. Emachah says he used a GPS tracker to locate the rig and found it in Hialeah, but the thousands of dollars in lumber had been taken. He says he contacted Miami Gardens Police, but they haven’t done anything since filing an initial report. Detectives won’t even return his calls, Emachah claims. 

“They came and they stole these loads completely; they moved the truck to another location,” Emachah said. “It’s a very strange story. It’s kind of like a mafia job.”

Emachah says he isn’t the only one who has had his truck stolen. “My neighbor had his truck stolen also and another friend also,” he said.

Elmir Kozin is another Miami Gardens driver who had his tractor trailer stolen. He says that back in June when it was taken he used a GPS to find the truck, but the cargo was already gone and the trailer was hooked up to another rig with fake plates on it. He called police and told them that thieves had taken his trailer and swapped the plates, but officers told them there was nothing they could do to help him. 

“The load was close to $40,000 and the trailer was close to another $45,000,” Kozin said.

Now, both men say they are struggling to make ends meet after such devastating blows. They want police to help them get their belongings back, but haven’t had much luck. 

“We’ve been pretty much doing the investigation on our own,” Emachah said.

Miami Garden Police told Local 10 News that the cases are now being handled by the Florida Highway Patrol, who did not respond to requests for comment.


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