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Take charge of your trucking career with BEZO Transport’s Low Cost Carrier Program


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You’ve made the big decision – you want to stop driving for someone else and become an Owner-Operator.  Why become an Owner-Operator?  TO MAKE MORE MONEY!!!  

Now comes the difficult question – who do you drive for?  Previously there were three options: 

  1. Obtain your own operating authority and suffer high insurance and fuel costs while dealing with administrative headaches.
  2. Lease on to a large carrier and give up a high portion of the revenue
  3. Lease on to a “discount” carrier, get “nickeled and dimed” and end up paying much more than you expected.

BEZO Transport has created a 4th option – our Low Cost Carrier Program, a simple, affordable solution to many Owner-Operator challenges.  BEZO is solely focused on providing back-office services to Owner-Operators. Our goal is to be the preferred choice for motivated, self-sufficient Owner-Operators.

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  • OO’s receive 85% of the Gross Revenue
  • No startup fees
  • Lease-on to BEZO’s DOT Authority
  • Company fuel card with ALL discounts passed through
    • Over $1.00 per gallon at several locations
  • IFTA filing / reporting
  • Company payment account for lumpers / charges

For $150 per week, you get:

  • Liability and Cargo Insurance and PHYSICAL DAMAGE included at no additional charge.

Need a Dry Van Trailer? Only $150 per week plus deposit. Reefer trailers available as well!

This Owner-Operator program was designed from our own trucking experiences. We quickly discovered that O/Os and small fleets were consistently penalized for not being large enough to receive fair pricing. Everything in trucking is size-dependent when it comes to pricing. The bigger you are, the more discounts you get, especially for fuel, insurance, factoring, and equipment. Every expense counts when you’re navigating the ups and downs of the trucking industry as an Owner-Operator.

BEZO is taking a different approach with our O/O partners. We believe that the O/Os pulling the loads need to receive the value created for the carrier. With Bezo – what you see is what you get.

Our business comes down to one word – SERVICE!  We view ourselves as service providers to O/Os and small fleets, and believe that we must provide actual value to keep them as customers. The responsibility is ours to maintain a safe, low-cost culture and invest in efficiency, allowing our O/Os to benefit from discounts directly. 


The Low-Cost Carrier Program was designed with transparency in mind. 

  • O/Os negotiate loads directly with customers / brokers and receive all rate confirmations
  • Clear, consistent pricing allows every O/O to accurately estimate their costs.
  • Actual fuel statements directly from the fuel card provider


Run your business on your schedule.

  • Self-dispatch gives O/Os the ultimate control over their scheduling. No barriers to home-time and no forced dispatch. We believe our O/Os know what’s best for their business.
  • Experienced dispatchers available for only 5% of the gross to help you book the best, highest paying loads.
  • Adding a new customer or broker is easy with our experienced admin team.

Safety / Compliance

Our commitment to safety is our number one priority, and we show it:

  • Free ELD hardware and monthly subscription from top ELD provider
  • Free road-facing camera hardware and monthly subscription
  • Free full-service safety and compliance program to keep you safe and legal.
    • Weekly individual safety reports, monthly 1 on 1s with our Safety Department, and Quarterly Training.
  • Free maintenance reporting and administration
  • Free IFTA filing / reporting

Financial Services

Our O/O partners benefit from:

  • Weekly settlements => you don’t have to wait for customers to pay.
  • Company fuel card with HUGE discounts – Free.  All discounts passed through, with receipts to prove it.
  • Company payment account for lumpers / load charges – Free – you shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket to deliver a load.
  • Working Capital Line of Credit – cost determined upon approval. Trucking is a volatile industry, and sometimes you need help with a repair to get back on the road.
  • Dry Van Rental – $150 per week – some carriers charge 8% of the gross.
  • Reefer trailer rental – as available

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For more information on Bezo’s Low Cost Carrier Program, go to www.bezotransport.com.  Also, visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel at Bezo Transport (@BezoTransport).  We plan on adding interesting content for Owner Operators and others in the transportation industry.

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