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Trucking company tried to buy insurance just one hour after fatal wreck that killed five


A trucking company involved in a wreck that killed a family of five in Colorado last year attempted to buy insurance for the uninsured truck in the minutes immediately following the tragedy, court documents show. 

The June 2022 accident happened along Interstate 25 when a commercial truck slammed into the back of a stopped car at 75 mph. The impact killed a family of five inside the car. 26-year-old Jesus Puebla, the truck driver in the wreck, has since been charged with five felonies. The trucking company, Caminantes trucking, has a history of allowing unlicensed truck drivers to operate their rigs and involvement in deadly wrecks. 

Now, nearly nine months after Puebla was charged, court documents reveal that Caminantes trucking tried to get the previously uninsured truck covered under their active insurance about an hour after the deadly wreck. The wreck occurred at 1:27 p.m. that day, and Caminantes submitted the request at 2:50 p.m. 

“Caminantes had a reported 92 trucks operating on US roads and highway and not one of them or their drivers were covered with insurance,” Grant Lawson, an attorney representing the Godines family, whose son was killed in the wreck, told 9NEWS.

The company, legally called Jose Mauricio Coreas after the owner, has not been shut down and was fined only $21,460 for the wreck.


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