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850 murders linked to truckers in book by former FBI agent


A soon-to-be-published book by a former FBI agent details some of the 850 murders linked to truckers since the start of the Highway Serial Killings Initiative. 

Former assistant director of the FBI Frank Figliuzzi’s book, Long Haul – Hunting The Highway Serial Killers, is “a shocking journey to the dark side of America’s highways, revealing the FBI Highway Serial Killings Initiative’s hunt for the long-haul truckers behind an astonishing 850 murders–and rising.”

The book digs into murders linked to truckers such as the “Truck Stop Killer,” and “The Interstate Strangler,” and even details more recent, less serial, murders by truckers, such as the murder of a former model by Tracy Ray Rollins Jr. 

Figliuzzi uses his 25-year career as an FBI agent to investigate some of the more gruesome cases, and even writes about his journey riding along with a (law-abiding) truck driver for thousands of miles as a way to better understand the trucking lifestyle and culture. 

“I rode over 2,000 miles with a long haul trucker,” Figliuzzi said, “Learning trucker habits and gaining an insider’s perspective into life on the road. It was truly illuminating and I definitely gained a lot of respect for the men and women who work hard to provide for their families. This profession is challenging and absolutely essential to our economy and these people who sacrifice time away from their families so they can provide for them deserve our respect.”

The book is “gripping exploration of a violent, disordered world hiding in plain sight, and the heroes racing to end the horror. It will forever unsettle how you travel on the road.”

“If you’re a trucker.. First, God bless you and what you do for the economy…” Figliuzzi says in a video promoting his book. “This book is for you.”

It has an expected release date of May 28th, 2024.


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