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Oklahoma trooper charged with sexual battery of female semi truck driver during traffic stop


An Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) trooper has been charged in connection with an alleged sexual assault involving a female semi truck driver who was pulled over for speeding earlier this year.

On May 21, OHP trooper Jackie Lee Rhinehart was charged with sexual battery and forcible oral sodomy, both felonies, by the Craig County District Attorney’s Office.

There is a warrant out for Rhinehart’s arrest.

The charges were issued in connection with a traffic stop that occurred on March 7, 2024, on I-44 near Big Cabin in Craig County, Oklahoma, according to News 9.

A 58 year old female truck driver who primarily speaks Spanish was pulled over for speeding shortly before 1 a.m.

According to the probable cause affidavit, the truck driver reported that Trooper Rhinehart made non-verbal gestures during the traffic stop indicating he was interested in a sexual encounter, and motioned towards the sleeper berth area. She reported feeling uncomfortable and fearing for her safety.

She moved from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat while Trooper Rhinehart went back to his cruiser with her license to write up a warning. She said that she moved over because she believed Trooper Rhinehart would enter her truck when he returned.

The report indicated that Trooper Rhinehart returned to the semi truck to tell the truck driver that he had given her a warning. He told the truck driver to say on the scene, then went back to his cruiser again.

While in the cruiser, Trooper Rhinehart allegedly stopped the in-cab recording and repositioned the car so the dash cam would not show the cab of the semi truck.

According to reports, Trooper Rhinehart then returned to the truck and allegedly assaulted the truck driver.

The incident came under investigation following a routine review of the dash cam video on March 13, which indicated “unusual interactions with the truck driver.”

“The discovery of highly questionable behavior by Rhinehart led to a thorough investigation including contact with the alleged victim. Rhinehart is currently on administrative leave. An internal investigation is in its final stages,” OHP said.

“Rhinehart’s actions are not in keeping with OHP’s core values of honesty, loyalty, integrity, respect, self-discipline, and professionalism. As soon as we discovered the potential for criminal or unethical behavior, our agency took swift action. Rhinehart’s behavior is deplorable and has no place within the organization. The public puts great trust in law enforcement and we strive every day to be deserving of that trust,” said Oklahoma Department of Public Safety Commissioner Tim Tipton.

Rhinehart has denied all wrongdoing.


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