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Trucking company celebrates 100 years with $25M expansion


Trucking company celebrates 100 years this month with $25 million terminal expansion in Southington, Connecticut. 

Pennsylvania-based A. Duie Pyle Inc. is expanding their Southington, Connecticut facility just in time for their 100 year anniversary this month. A Duie Pyle Inc. was started in 1924 and has been family owned for four generations. 

The existing Southington site was built in 2001, and the planned expansion will build on the existing facility and incorporate an adjacent property after a 20 year planning period, reported CT Insider.

“We’ve developed a strong team of people in our Southington location and as the company has grown over time the need for a larger facility in Southington came about and we’re happy that we were able to buy some abutting ground and continue to build on that facility in Southington,” said vice president of property development & management Tim Koch. 

“There was a good year prior to us even submitting to the town for approvals where we put probably a half a million dollars or more into civil engineering, planning, architecture, and things like that,” Koch said. 

The construction includes a two-story parking garage, a new fleet maintenance garage, and an expansion of the LTL terminal. 

“The parking garage is phase 1 of the project,” Koch said. “It is going to allow us to move some of our car parking to a centralized area again. With the growth that we anticipate in the next several years it became a requirement that we could park all those cars on the existing property and the only way to accomplish that without leaving the town of Southington, which we did not want to do, was build a parking garage,” Koch continued. 

“This facility maintains and ensures our equipment is safe. t is private; we do not do work for outside concerns. It is solely here to maintain and ensure the safety and integrity of the privately owned fleet we operate from that facility. We will then enlarge the existing LTL terminal to increase our capacity through that facility. This will also allow us to add another 25 to 30 jobs to the property, to the town, and to the tax base.”

“Our customer list ranges from small residential mom and pop and hardware stores up to Home Depot, Lowe’s and other major manufacturers,” Koch added.

“Anytime that we can bring jobs into our town it’s a bonus for us,” said chairman of the Southington Planning & Zoning Commission Robert Hammersley,.

“I think it has a ripple effect throughout the community and other small businesses whether they’re restaurants or convenience stores or grocery stores or anything like that, that further enhances the attractiveness of our town as a business destination. And I try to do everything that I can in my capacity to support that.” 

The expansion project has been underway for approximately eight months, and is expected to take up to three years to complete. 

“To date we have built just about the second deck of the parking garage,” Koch said. “We’re a little bit behind schedule because of the weather but we knew we were going to encounter that through the months of January to March, but we are anticipating hopefully completing that garage by late April to mid-May.”


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