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Video shows guy in boss’s stolen skid loader rampaging in a Nebraska Home Depot parking lot


New video shows the events leading to the arrest of a man who is accused of stealing a skid loader and rampaging in a Nebraska Home Depot parking lot.

The incident occurred around 2:30 p.m. on Sunday, January 14, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Police say that they were initially directed to a U-Stop convenience store for reports of a person in a skid loader damaging vehicles at the store.

More 911 callers told police that the suspect in the skid loader had moved to a Home Depot parking lot.

“When the first officer arrived on the scene, the man turned the skid loader toward the cruiser and rammed into it while the officer was inside, damaging the cruiser. The officer got out of his vehicle and drew his service weapon. He did not fire the weapon, and no one was injured as the suspect complied with commands to get out of the skid loader and was taken into custody at gunpoint,” the Lincoln Police Department said.

Samuel Peyrot, 36, was arrested without further incident and faces charges of second-degree assault and criminal mischief.

Police say that the skid loader belonged to Peyrot’s employer.

One person in a vehicle damaged by the skid loader suffered minor injuries, CBS 7 reports.

Several vehicles were damaged.


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