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Florida police are investigating a dump truck crash that left a commercial vehicle driver with serious injuries on Thursday.
Construction on a new truck stop in Texas began earlier this week Work on the new Chisum Travel Center began on July 8th, and is expected to last through July 31st, 2025.  The truck stop will be located...

VIDEO: 5 Stretches To Ease Back Pain

Riding in a truck all day can make your back ache! Many drivers battle constant, nagging back pain. Here are five stretches you can do to reduce back pain.

Truck Seat Cushions

As you know, driving all day long can wreak havoc on your back. These seat cushions may help alleviate your back pain

Seat Cushions for the Everyday Driver

Most people have probably experienced that nagging, awful ache at the base of the back. Sitting in the same constrained position for long periods of time only makes it worse. Driving long distances can be very hard on the body and that is why we want to take a look at some of the top seat cushions available.

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