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Healthy Cab Cooking: Italian Chicken & Zucchini


Once again our friends at Keys Trucker show us how to cook a flavorful meal for two, conveniently in the truck cab. This one has lots of veggies and spices with light Italian flair.

Now, before you get started, make sure you have everything you need for cooking. We’ve placed some links to some of the items, but rest assured you can probably get them at any Wal-Mart too!

frying pans from Amazon

First up, the 12 volt travel frying pan. If you have an inverter, you can probably go with a more powerful electric frying pan, but the RoadPro is aimed right at truck drivers because they’re small and can take a few road knocks as well.





Can Opener Sale at Amazon

A one-touch can opener that really works! Obviously, opening cans is easy with just a regular model, but this little novelty is pretty fun to watch as it cranks itself. We know bearing down on a regular can opener might be the last thing you need after a day of gripping the wheel, so why not?




Olive Oil from Amazon

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a healthy addition to any meal, whether it’s Italian or not. Just don’t overdo it, and keep the cap tightly on the bottle, because it can spoil if you don’t take care.





CDL Life links to Amazon

 Canned Chicken Breast is great for truck drivers who want healthy protein that keeps well on the road. Each can contains roughly 60 grams of protein, which is plenty for any trucker. Canned goods store great in truck cabs, so keep a few handy for some quick meals that taste great hot or cold.


pasta sauce for sale at Amazon

Premium Crushed Tomato Pasta Sauce – it’s the heart of any great Italian dish, so why skimp? The Bertolli brand comes in convenient bags instead of bulky glass jars that can tip and break during the work shift, so keep these in mind for your next truck cab dinner.




CDL Life links spices at Amazon

Next up – cooking spices you can keep handy in the cab. We linked you to the larger category, but we understand everyone has their favorites. Kind of like how Midwesterners make sure people know what BBQ tastes the best (we have some opinions about that too). This recipe calls for Italian spices, garlic powder, and seasoned salt. You can find all of them in the link.




The rest of the ingredients are fresh zucchini and onions, so keep your eyes peeled for a big produce market before you begin. Have a look at the video – too bad YouTubes don’t come with free smells. That looks delicious!

[youtube url=”http://youtu.be/Q8pjT_gIJ2g” title=”Healthy%20Cab%20Cooking%20-%20Italian%20Chicken%20and%20Zucchini”]



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