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Survey: Mobile Phone Use for Truckers


There’s no doubt about it “ truck drivers today are avid users of mobile phones for their professional and personal lives. SophisticatedMobile Phone Use for Truckers mobile devices are quite affordable now and as this August 2011 survey by uShip found, from 2010 to 2011, there was a growth of nearly 3/5ths in mobile phone use by truckers in their daily business operations. That’s a huge adoption rate, even for a tech trend.

The big question on our minds here at CDL Life is: What mobile phone features do truck drivers use the most while on the road? The answer is:

  • Texting “ 64.8% Is anyone really surprised that this is on top?
  • Email “ 54.1% Business or pleasure? Probably both.
  • Internet “ 45.1% Stable laptop mounts in truck cabs make this easy.
  • GPS “ 27.6% The days of hardware GPS seem to be waning.
  • Mobile Apps “ 27% The rest of the country boosted use by another fifth, but trucker use remains flat
  • Social Media “ 13% While nearly 28% of the under 30 crowd Tweets, truckers are too busy to bother

We’ll revisit this interesting survey again to crunch some more numbers later!

Source: 6,000 active transporters on the uShip network, August 2011

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