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Detained Truck Driver in Mexico Free Upon Payment of Fine


Truck Driver Caught In Mexican Port HelpedBy Lorena Figueroa \ El Paso Times.
JUAREZ — A U.S. truck driver who entered Juárez with a truckload of ammunition in April is expected to be released soon.

Jabin Akeem Bogan, 27, of Dallas, is expected to be released from a prison in Veracruz after he pays a fine of about $1,500, the federal judge who oversees the case said Thursday.

“After that happens, he will be immediately released,” said Judge Carlos Miguel García Treviño of the Fifth District Court.

El Paso Times Online
Originally posted at the El Paso Times

Bogan said he made a wrong turn and did not mean to go into Mexico with the ammunition. Bogan’s girlfriend, Tania Davis, seemed surprised when asked if she was aware that Bogan could be released from prison soon.

“I do not have any comment. But the fine is $5,000, not $1,500,” she said over the telephone from Dallas.

García Treviño said the fine is part of Bogan’s sentence, which also includes three years of supervised release. It is unclear how Bogan will be supervised in México.

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