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VIDEO: Hollywood Star Gets A CDL License


Donal Logue wondered what it took to be a truck driver in America today. He went to a CDL school in Oregon and took the class, then went out on the road with trainers to see if he could take the pressure.

Logue has done a lot of work in Hollywood through action films like “Blade,” and “Max Payne.” In 2010 he scored a series on the FX channel called “Terriers.” In “Terriers” he plays an ex-cop who is now a private investigator with questionable methods when it comes to getting the information his clients need.

“Terriers” has him flipping between his dicey family life and a new client who puts him into a situation rife with dead bodies, political intrigue and underground crooks. Somehow his character is able to get around all of it and still come clean. Season 2 of “Terriers” wasn’t in the cards, unfortunately. Perhaps it wasn’t crafty enough to hold company with the other FX series like “Justified,” “Sons of Anarchy,”

In this installment, Logue began driving a classic Peterbilt with trainers Bud and Cathy Williams, and filmed most of what he went through during his road test. Was he able to make the cut? Find out in the video below.

donal logue


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