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Rock Charts: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros


Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros are a bit of an anomaly on the modern rock charts. First off, it’s obvious that they do their own thing. The group wasn’t compiled out of road-ready musicians looking for work. The band obviously comes from a large family-like arrangement. Compared to other traveling music acts, the Magnetic Zeros are a large group – 11 musicians, in fact.

When they’re onstage, ES&TMZ make quite a sound – it’s somewhere between Americana, Classic Country, and Southern Soul. Als0, Edward Sharpe is not the band leader – he’s a fictional character that Alex Ebert (lead singer) was reading about while he was forming the group.

This video is the song that really put Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros on the musical map. It’s called “Home” and it harkens back to the days of John and June Cash as they traded sweet sentiments through verse, then harmonized during choruses.

It even has one of those old “talking during the breakdown” sections like a lot of the 50s and 60s motown singles used to have. It also sort of sounds like a saloon number from one of those old Clint Eastwood westerns. Confused yet? Have a listen. You just might like it.



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